YouTube Roundup – Heating Things Up

Although the effects of the polar vortex over North America have largely dissipated, another major cold front has settled in over much of the U.S. The relief of the summer sun may seem far away, but the Internet is full of videos displaying more… exotic sources of heat. Find a blanket, grab a cocoa, and watch the action of some of science’s hottest materials!

The good folks at Carsandwater have a blowtorch, a source of nickel, and a seemingly endless supply of destructible objects. Considering the melting point of the metal is 1453 degrees Celsius (over 2600 degrees Fahrenheit), the red-hot nickel ball (RHNB) usually meets little opposition.

The aptly named YouTube account Lavapix creates mesmerizing shots of the liquid rock that oozes from the volcanoes of Hawaii. Here, a can of Coke boils almost instantly as it comes into contact with the lava flow.

To get mankind into the cold of space requires the heat of massive rockets, and few were more massive than the Saturn V that carried Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 mission. Mark Gray explains the launch with beautiful slow-motion footage from one of the cameras present at the event.

The video wizardry of Distort is put to great use in explaining the basic science behind combustion. From matches to magnifying glasses, the slo-mo captures show how fire works in everyday situations.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has published a mesmerizing video of solar flares. From a distance, they look like minor gouts of flame, but an average solar flare is actually ten times the size of Earth!


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